Read Charlotte unites community around literacy recovery due to COVID-19 pandemic

Charlotte, N.C. (June 8, 2020) – Among the challenges families face during the COVID-19 crisis, the potential for learning loss is a top concern. To prevent backslide, educators are aligning around a community-wide initiative: “Reading Checkup” brought forth by Read Charlotte. The organization announced Monday it is partnering with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and over 60 other […]

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To this day my daughter associates taking care of someone with reading to them: A personal story of raising readers from Read Charlotte ED Munro Richardson.

If my wife and I were to stack the books that we each read to our daughters in piles next to each other, my wife, Teresa, would have me beat hands down. She read daily with our three daughters, from when they were born through middle school. My wife spent more time with my girls […]

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Celebrating Progress and Hope in Read Charlotte Transformation Network’s Pilot Year

Part III: EMPOWERING FAMILIES Written by Liz Bertrand As we look at Read Charlotte Transformation Network’s first year, another important aspect of the program is empowering parents and other caretakers with tools to use at home to promote reading and literacy. Dr. Devonya Govan-Hunt , RCTN co-lead at Reedy Creek Elementary School has seen an […]

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