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Reading Hero: Rhiannon Polite

The work Rhiannon Polite does as principal at Lebanon Road Elementary School has a ripple effect, positively impacting not just students at the school, but also their families and communities.

“As a school principal who leads with love and joy, she is making a profound difference in the lives of the children under her care,” said Lea Oglesby. “Her positive influence brings hope to their families and ultimately helps build a stronger, more cohesive community. This transformative impact not only shapes the future of the child but also positively ripples through all those connected to that child, ensuring a brighter future for the entire community.”

Polite thinks of reading as having a similar ripple effect across various aspects of students’ lives. 

“Being able to read is an essential part of students having choices in life,” she said. “It allows children access to numerous things: information about the world, the joy of being lost in a good book, and the ability to make informed decisions.”

Oglesby, the children and youth ministry director at Blair Road United Methodist Church, nominated Polite as a Reading Hero after working with her through some of the church’s outreach programs, describing her dedication to fostering a love for reading in her students as inspiring.

Polite said the school created daily dedicated small group instructional time for all kindergarten through fifth grade students to give them more exposure to grade-level reading content, and also worked to get additional training for teachers in the Orton-Gillingham approach. 

“Her genuine concern for the well-being and academic growth of every child at Lebanon Elementary is both inspiring and heartwarming,” Oglesby said. “Ms. Polite’s tireless efforts to enhance the educational experience for all students embodies the spirit of a true Reading Hero.”

Oglesby went on to say: “Blair Road United Methodist Church is Ms. Polite’s biggest fan. There has never been a time that she has not been the sweetest, kindest, most positive person in the room. She is a hard worker, and she loves the children that she oversees, including their families.”

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