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Reading Hero: Faith Côté

“Ms. Côté is one of the most amazing teachers I’ve ever met,” explains a colleague. “She introduces her kids to the most wonderful, unique, culturally aware books that teach them powerful lessons about learning, hard work, and kindness as well as many other lessons.”

Faith Côté raised money through Donors Choose to get a document camera so that her students could see the books they read and will write on a document camera. She writes her students from last year letters to keep them reading too! Cote is currently meeting with each child in her class to discuss their interests so that each one can have a holiday book that interests them.

Her students adore her and are falling in love with reading because of her. They enjoy their kindergarten experience and all that she’s taught them so much that they don’t even want to leave at the end of the day. “Côté makes reading fun and exciting. As the students’ minds and curiosity grows you can almost see the light bulbs come on as the wheels turn.”

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