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Read Charlotte unites community around literacy recovery due to COVID-19 pandemic

Charlotte, N.C. (June 8, 2020) – Among the challenges families face during the COVID-19 crisis, the potential for learning loss is a top concern. To prevent backslide, educators are aligning around a community-wide initiative: “Reading Checkup” brought forth by Read Charlotte. The organization announced Monday it is partnering with Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and over 60 other […]

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HELPS 1:1 Tutoring Works!

A look at Year One in Charlotte and its game-changing potential in Read Charlotte’s community-wide initiative to double literacy rates By Liz Rothaus Bertrand When Munro Richardson first heard about the HELPS Program from a colleague in the United Way of the Greater Triangle, he was skeptical. Richardson, Executive Director of Read Charlotte, and his […]

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The Achievement Gap is Really a Summer Gap

Summer Reading | Children's Reading Strategies | Read Charlotte

These days it’s common to talk about closing the “achievement gap,” significant and persistent disparities in academic performance between groups of children. The concept of an achievement gap dates back to the 1960s and focuses on the differences in educational outcomes by race (between white children and children of color) and socioeconomic status (between children […]

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