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Active Reading: Families

Active Reading is the evidence-informed practice of reading with children, rather than to them, to boost vocabulary and comprehension skills. 

Consistent use of Active Reading strategies supports skill development in all readers and can be used by the community at home, in coaching, tutoring, and mentoring, as well as in classrooms across all grade levels.

In 2016, Read Charlotte developed an Active Reading training that teaches the ABCs of the approach: ask questions, build vocabulary, and connect to children’s worlds. The following year, we partnered with the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library to develop Active Reading workshops. In the years since, these workshops have been used to train families and other adults working with and caring for children in Mecklenburg County. Other partner organizations have included Active Reading in their programs, as well.

Our Active Reading page provides guidance on using the practice, and also features videos illustrating the ABCs of Active Reading. 

Community Children’s Reading Initiative | Read Charlotte

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