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A2i Pre-K

A2i helps teachers identify the reading needs of each child, providing recommendations for how to use classroom time with existing curricular materials for every child in their classroom. The web-based platform combines quick, adaptive assessments of word reading, vocabulary, and comprehension with evidence-based algorithms for grades Pre-K-3rd.

Read Charlotte has tracked the research behind A2i since 2017, and consider it the most promising, high-impact solution we’ve seen with strong evidence of improving K-3rd grade outcomes.

Read Charlotte is working with MECK Pre-K and Smart Start of Mecklenburg County (SSMC) to pilot the use of the A2i Pre-K platform in the 2022-2023 school year in 10 MECK Pre-K classrooms. The pilot’s focus is to explore how the A2i platform can assist and enhance Pre-K teachers’ and coaches’ use of existing curricular materials to individualize reading instruction and meet a range of Pre-K student needs. The goal is to increase the number of children who finish Pre-K ready to learn to read (Reading Readiness) when they enter kindergarten.

Community Children’s Reading Initiative | Read Charlotte
Community Children’s Reading Initiative | Read Charlotte

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