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A2i After School

A2i is a web-based platform that combines quick, adaptive assessments of word reading, vocabulary, and comprehension with evidence-based algorithms for grades Pre-K-3rd. A2i After School is a community-based version of the system that uses the same core components as the classroom version, but is modified for use by non-educators. 

Read Charlotte has tracked the research behind A2i since 2017, and consider it the most promising, high-impact solution we’ve seen with strong evidence of improving K-3rd grade outcomes. We worked with Learning Ovations, the company behind A2i, to bring an adapted after school version of the system to Mecklenburg County in 2021. In the time since, we’ve developed training, resources, and data systems to support local community groups to use A2i After School for high-impact tutoring within existing after school programs.

Community Children’s Reading Initiative | Read Charlotte
Community Children’s Reading Initiative | Read Charlotte

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