Boost Your Child's Reading Success

child’s reading success starts at homeRaising a strong reader is as exciting as it is challenging. Read Charlotte is here to provide the tools & information families need to raise a confident, proficient, lifelong lover of books from birth through 3rd grade.


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Active Reading

Unlock the power of a children’s picture book with Active Reading. 

Home Reading Helper

Learn home activities that can develop specific reading skills.

Babies & Toddlers

Filling an infant, toddler, or preschooler’s day with fun, engaging activities requires a lot of know-how. The first year is all about connecting and communicating, even if it seems like it’s a one-way conversation.

En Español

Aprenda actividades para el hogar que pueden desarrollar habilidades de lectura específicas.

Struggling Readers

Families with struggling readers often wonder if their child might be “dyslexic.” According to the Simple View of Reading, dyslexia is one of four possible types of readers that result from different combinations of word recognition and language comprehension skills.